Our highly skilled team boasts almost twenty five years of navigation experience in the Ionian Sea.

As a result, we know the Ionian waters perfectly well, better than anyone else.

All hidden coves, secluded beaches, sheltered bays, not only do we know how to get you there, but we can also do it comfortably, safely and swiftly. This is what makes our Day Trips a unique, must-do experience!

Allegria luxurious speedboats offers you an excellent opportunity to both taste the natural grace & charm of Corfu and learn about its history and diversity. This beautiful island is blessed with some of the most amazing habitats in the world as well as numerous important and fascinating historic sites, windows into its rich and colourful ancient past.

The natural and historical treasures of Corfu are waiting for you to discover and indulge in them. We are ready to welcome you and ensure you have a wonderful day and an unforgettable experience!

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