Not many places have such an abundance of sites worth a visit to display as Corfu does.

Travelers are often in difficulty when trying to choose where to go. Therefore, we produced a list of must-see spots, together with their descriptions, to inform you and make both your choices easier and your holidays fantastic!

The Old Town of Corfu

The historical centre of the island's capital, is a unique place protected as a Unesco World Heritage Site due to its great architectural wealth, diversity and importance (described as an “example of outstanding universal value”).

It offers a multiplicity of extremely remarkable as well as beautiful sights to visit, which one is impossible to cover in a single day. For sure, what is easy and immensely rewarding is a walk through its kantounia, its narrow cobbled alleys, leading to the Esplanade, one of the largest European squares and a delightful public park. In front of you now stands the imposing Venetian Old Fortress, an artificially made, heavily fortified islet, full of amazing historical treasures generously offered to the lucky sightseers. Next to it, the Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George, now home to the Museum of Asian Art, is definitely well worth a visit as well as Liston, the famous graceful walk, once only for the gentry, now full of cafés for all its happy visitors.

A host of particularly attractive colourful historic buildings, arts and crafts shops and galleries, coffee shops and restaurants are also there for the ones who have the appetite to explore them and enjoy their captivating atmosphere as well as learn about, and quite possibly buy, some unique local goods.

Furthermore, there is some added value to approaching the Old Town by boat. In this way, the powerful shapes and volumes of its fortresses as well as the beauty and elegance of all its buildings are panoramically revealed offering magnificent, overwhelmingly breathtaking views of its colourful and elaborately designed architectural landscapes. It’s an experience never to be forgotten!!


Pontikonisi, the small islet near the city of Corfu, is undeniably the hallmark and one of the major attractions of the island. Few places in Greece have been photographed as much as this beautiful little green spot of land.

The whole surrounding area is very well preserved and constitutes a rich habitat supporting many species of both fish and birds as well as seals and many other forms of marine life.

Visitors have many options such as swimming at the nearby beaches, exploring the amazingly lush surroundings or having a coffee and enjoying the spectacular panoramic views of Pontikonisi provided by the neighbouring hills. One can also visit the Vlacherena monastery, another famous spot of this area built on a rocky islet, and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this special place.


Petritis is a scenic fishing village near Lefkimmi, in the southern part of Corfu. Petritis beach, right next to the village, is a fine shallow sandy beach with clear waters. This makes it perfect for families with small children.

The overall mood of Petritis is one of serenity and relaxation. It’s a peaceful and beautiful place where one can unwind and enjoy the tranquility.

Moreover, due to its being a fishing village, Petritis is well known for the excellent fish dishes offered by its lovely tavernas.

All in all, this is an ideal place for those who want to leave all worries behind and truly enjoy the sun and the sea!


With a long history dating back to the 15th century, Benitses is a very famous and highly popular resort, which used to be a fishing village. It is located in the center of the island, just 12 kilometers away from the city of Corfu.

Though it is decades now since it became a tourist magnet, it has not lost its traditional character and stunning natural beauty. In Benitses, one can admire a landscape that perfectly combines the aquamarine Ionian waters and the lush mountainous vegetation of Corfu. Swimming in these waters and walking on the smooth fine pebbles is an unforgettably pleasing experience.

The locals are genuinely hospitable and you will find some very good restaurants with great fish, for which Benitses is famous.

What’s more, the Achilleion Palace, a famous place of great elegance and beauty as well as historical and artistic significance, is not a long way from Benitses. You can also visit the Sea Museum, which exhibits a quite interesting collection including sponges, corals, sea urchins, embalmed fish, shark jaws and many more.


Bordering with Petritis to the north, Notos is a small village on the southeast coast of Corfu, located about 34 km away from the capital. Notos is full of flowers and trees and rewards its guests with panoramic views of captivating landscapes. It is a place of unspoilt natural beauty and part of one of the most pristine areas of the island.

It has a lovely, quiet, very welcoming beach, while visitors can also opt to explore its small bays as well as try both its sandy and pebbly shores.

In addition, there are some quite decent restaurants with great food and attractive prices!

Alikes (Lefkimmi)

Alikes (which translates to saltpans) is a peaceful and attractive area located in the south of Corfu, about 45 km from the capital. In Alikes, as the name indicates, salt production used to take place. The saltpans were in operation from the late Middle Ages up to the late 20th century (1988).

Because of the salt extraction, access to the beautiful sandy seashore was fairly restricted but these days visitors can enjoy the golden beach and its crystal-clear waters. The beach stretches for nearly 0.5 km and there is a spot where one can find umbrellas and loungers.

Alikes is an ideal place for a walk as the saltpans have now given way to wetlands. The vegetation is varied and interesting, there are many different types of birds to watch and the whole area constitutes a charming unspoilt part of Corfu.

Kassiopi (northeastern Corfu)

The northeastern part of Corfu is well known for its verdant landscapes, enticing cosy beaches and clear aquamarine waters. It also has a well-deserved reputation for its excellent restaurants and traditional tavernas, such as the ones located in the idyllic Agni and Kerasia beaches, which offer great food in picturesque settings.

Kassiopi, a beautiful fishing village and famous popular resort situated on a small peninsula on the northeastern side of the island, provides a perfect example highlighting all the aforementioned.

Due to its privileged location, Kassiopi has become the destination of choice for many Britons and Italians and lots of luxury villas have been built in the area. Its rich history, evident in the ruins of its fortress, has undoubtedly added to its attraction. Yet despite all that, the locals have both remained genuinely friendly and managed to protect the place.

The unspoilt, scenic and peaceful harbour offers wonderful views of Albania and the sea in the whole Kassiopi area is very safe for swimming. One can discover several fascinating coves as well as many impressive secluded beaches, most of them small and pebbly. Moreover, when it comes to food, there are numerous restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisine and, thanks to the local fishermen, one can always find top quality fresh fish.


The small seaside village of Sivota (or Syvota) is situated on the mainland, about 5 miles away from southeast Corfu. It’s famous for its colourful scenery and the numerous fascinating small coves such as the extraordinary bay of Pisina (which means “swimming pool”) and the Blue Lagoon.

A boat ride is the ideal way to explore the area and admire the stunning natural beauty of its attractive verdant land and playfully winding shoreline as well as its numerous pristine beaches and islets with turquoise, crystal-clear waters.

Sivota has also many fishermen, providing high-quality fresh fish and seafood. The diversity of the landscape, the fine beaches and the tasty food will definitely offer you an utterly pleasant experience!!!

Paxoi (Paxos & Antipaxos)

Paxoi (or Paxi), an exotic and richly rewarding destination located 7 miles south of Corfu, comprise several small islands and rocky islets, the largest being Paxos and Antipaxos.

Paxos is famous for its fertile olive groves and beguiling turquoise waters. On its eastern side, there are many beaches, some of them remarkably beautiful, while on the western side one can marvel at the awe-inspiring steep chalky cliffs and rocky caves formed at sea level. Antipaxos is well reputed for its fine vineyards and superb white sandy beaches and, with an official population of 20 and very limited desire for technological innovations around, it is definitely a pristine haven for the ones who want to detach themselves from city life.

The locals are gentle and heartily welcoming and there are many fine restaurants offering excellent fish dishes and delectable wine as well as many more healthy and delicious specialities.

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