I have never skippered a boat before, is it safe?

If you know how to drive a car, then handling a boat is a piece of cake! The instructions are easy to follow and after receiving a comprehensive briefing, which will take only a few minutes, you’ll be ready to head off!!

I don’t know how to swim. Am I allowed to participate on a boat trip?

Yes, you are, the only obligation being that you have to wear your life jacket at all times.

Are children and/or babies allowed on the boat?

Absolutely! We welcome kids and entire families. The only imperative is that all infants, toddlers and children have to wear their life jackets at all times.

What should I do to ensure a totally safe ride?

Of course, you have to be watchful and follow our instructions. You also should handle the boat with care and never push it to its limits. If these requirements are met, you’re sure to enjoy a great boating experience.

Do I need to have a license to take a boat out on my own?

No, no licence is required to operate a pleasure boat equipped with a motor of 30ps or less. It’s actually easier than driving a car.

Which areas am I allowed to visit? How far can I go?

If you hire one of our smaller craft (with a 30ps engine), you can go anywhere in the southeastern area of Corfu, your limit being the city of Corfu area. With one of our bigger boats, you can go anywhere around Corfu, or to the mainland as well as Paxos and Antipaxos.

Do Ι have to pay for the fuel?

Hiring a boat, either skippered or self-driven, means that you’ll have to pay for the fuel consumed (which doesn’t cost much). With regard to both our Day Trips and Water Taxi services, the fuel costs are included in the price.

Is there any danger of running out of fuel?

We always check the fuel tank before every ride and make sure that it’s full. This simply means that there’s definitely no chance of running out of fuel.

Are the boats insured?

They surely are. It’s a necessary requirement for obtaining a boat hire license.

Will I have to pay for any damage that may occur to the boat?

We always make sure that our boats are in perfect working condition. Damages that may occur have to be assessed and you will be obliged to pay only in case you are responsible for the problem. However, this is an unlikely event, and if you stick to our instructions you won’t face any such situation.

Is there any danger of getting lost?

No, you shouldn’t be afraid at all. Communication and assistance are constantly available. We have a highly reliable tracker system installed on each boat and, if necessary, we can provide you with a mobile phone. At any given moment, we are able to know your exact location and assist you either by phone or, if necessary, by immediately coming to help you.