Allegria luxurious speed boats offers you exciting, well-organised skippered day trips, suiting all budgets.

Our full day cruises combine luxury and comfort with attractive prices and give you the opportunity to visit magical places, often accessible only by sea. Our 25 years of experience allow us to be able to mix adventure, fun and relaxation, all in one day.

At least three times a week, you have the chance to participate in one of our splendid boating excursions. You will enjoy a day of pleasure and entertainment, including a powerful yet smooth ride, swimming and chilling out in astonishingly beautiful uncrowded beaches, and relishing top-quality, delicious meals in idyllic Corfiot spots.

To satisfy all tastes, we offer a wide array of choices which range from famous, must-see Corfiot sites to less known, serene settings of unspoilt natural beauty. You can explore the mesmerising southeastern part of Corfu or marvel at the picturesque scenery of the Kassiopi area, on the north side of the island. Other options include Sivota in the neighbouring mainland, a place of rare natural beauty and elegance, as well as the island group of Paxi, with its pristine sandy beaches, turquoise waters and peaceful atmosphere.

You don’t have to be a member of a large group to take part in our Day Trips. You can make a reservation for two or more persons. The price per person is €50, including free refreshments.

You can obtain more information regarding the dates and schedules of our Day Trips either by phone (+30-698-7217650) or through our online request form.
We recommend that you book early to secure your reservation.

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